Do You Have Any Water Purification Questions?

Find out more about our process in Central Valley, NY

Has adding a water purification system to your Central Valley, NY home crossed your mind? Purasoft wants to put your mind at ease by answering some of our most frequently asked water treatment services FAQ.

Q When should I get my water tested?

If your water feels hard, gives off a foul odor or irritates your skin, give Purasoft a call for a free water testing session in the Central Valley, NY area.

Q Will PuraSoft install a new filtration system for me?

Yes! After we diagnose the issue, we will find the system that best fits your needs.

Q Are your filtration systems environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are! Our priority is helping you without hurting the environment.

Q How do I identify mineral build-up?

Most of the time, mineral build-up can be seen around the faucet or shower head. If the issue is more extensive, your water may appear cloudy and lack bubbles.

Q Can your purification systems remove bacteria?

Yes, they can! Our systems help to remove everything from bacteria to fertilizers.

Q Do you offer water softening systems?

We do! We will always tailor every solution to exactly what your home system needs.

Did our water treatment services FAQ miss anything? If you have any other water purification questions on your mind that we didn't cover, call 845-774-5770.